Learn the art and science of Product Management.

6 Weeks

An intensive course which gives you the right framework, tools and guidance to boost your product management skills. You will get to learn from some of the best product minds of this country.

Learn from the best

Let’s actually learn (and not to pretend). The first cohort is an offline course, which will start from Feb, 2018 (in Bangalore). You get to learn from India’s best product minds.

Make your big move

Whether you are launching a new product or entering the world of product management, we will work with you to understand your expected RoI from the course and we will get you there.

During the 6 weeks course, you will learn to navigate the product cycle, armed with ‘first principle‘ thinking, enabling you to ask the right questions.

The course will help you understand the different frameworks you can use to evaluate ideas, understand your users, create MVP releases and most importantly, develop the right metrics.

Packed with practical insights from industry experts, the course will help students

  1. Understand the role of a product manager and how the role intersects with others in the organization.
  2. Idea evaluation / assessment. Doesn’t matter whether you are launching a startup or launching a new product in your company, evaluating ideas needs a certain framework and the course will help you ask the right questions to ask.
  3. Test product positioning and messaging. With minimal budget, how can one test the hypothesis?
  4. Navigate the product cycle. Right from MRD to PRD, how do great product leaders navigate between engineering, marketing and sales teams?
  5. Become a great product leader. The world is looking up to new product leaders. What does it take to be one.

Product Management Course Modules
Product Management Course Modules

Product Management Course Modules

Great product managers understand their users, they are the voice of their customers, they understand and can predict the market better than anyone else. The 6 weeks offline course will cover the following modules.

Define the Product Management Role

How does the role intersects with others in the organization. If you are transitioning from engineering or marketing to Product Management role, what do you need to unlearn and learn.

Product-Market Fit and Beyond

At scale, all product-market fit fails. What’s the right way to go about it, then? An extremely practical Customer Development Framework will be shared with the participants.

Designing for Growth.

Designing Product Personas and Empathy Maps. – User Stories, story-boarding and ensuring that everybody in the team is on the same boat. We tell you how to go about this.

GTM and Most Common Product Mistakes

The real mistakes are more fundamental than what it shows up on the surface. We walk you through product mistakes often committed by product teams (and how to keep an eye on this).

The Drill

Feature X vs Y? What are the right metrics to track? Tools, Frameworks anyone? Product vs. Platform? Holy shit! Let’s take a deeper and practical view of the product management process.

Becoming a Brilliant Product Leader.

How much of technology (or marketing) should you really understand? How does one handle product operations? What actually makes an inspiring product leader?

This is an offline course (classroom based) and the sessions happen every Saturday 10 AM – 1
PM (location: HSR layout, Bangalore).

Each session is of 3 hours -the first 2 hours will be taken up by Ashish Sinha (NextBigWhat founder and earlier was product manager at Yahoo/Ketera/i2), followed by an industry expert.

Each session ends with a home work – which will involve real world interaction with users/customers and a set of exercises.

Product Management isn’t a theoretical exercise – it needs real world observation and perspective building.

We aim to enable you to develop #ProductThinking as part of the PM course.

Some of the best productgeeks in the industry, led by Ashish Sinha.

Ashish Sinha (linkedin) is the founder of NextBigWhat and will lead the PM course. He is the force behind India’s Product/startup community. Before starting NextBigWhat, he was product manager at Yahoo, i2 and Ketera technologies.

Rajiv Srivatsa (linkedin) is the cofounder and CPTO of UrbanLadder and currently manages strategy, technology at UrbanLadder. Before starting UrbanLadder, Rajiv was Senior Product Manager with Yahoo! Emerging Markets.


Amarpreet Kalkat (linkedin) is the cofounder and CEO at Frrole where he also doubles up as VP Product. He loves building intelligent products, extraordinary teams and pushing the boundaries. He has previously worked for Nokia, Trilogy and has built more than 10 technology products in his 17 years in the tech industry.

Saran Chatterjee is the cofounder and CEO of HouseJoy. An accomplished General Management professional with proven track record in business development , planning, business management and operations, product management, product marketing. Before starting HouseJoy, he was the VP, Product Management at Flipkart and Senior Director, Global Product Management at Yahoo.


Parag Patankar is Director of Product Management (Cloud Collaboration Technology) at Cisco and has delivered Multiple Products/Platforms from idea to market success with $100M+ revenues.



What about the PM certificate?

We will give you one. In fact, we also give you a certificate*.

But please don’t join the course for the sake of getting a certificate (take our competitor’s courses). Product management is about thinking deeply, asking (lots) of questions and leading a team of geeks, marketers and sales professionals – and nobody hires a PM based on certificate. You need the right frameworks and perspective building – that’s what we will teach during the course.


Career Boost

Become the Product Thinker and Leader in your team/org/startup!

In case you are looking for a job change post this course, we will connect you with partner companies who are hiring PMs (i.e. only if you are keen on exploring options).

We have partnered with some of the best HR consulting firms to help you find your big career break.
PS: For corporate sponsorships, this option isn’t viable.

Who is this course ideally for?
The PM course is ideally for those who

  • have been doing engineering or marketing roles and willing to get into PM role.
  • have been performing PM role informally and need to go deeper and get a formal certificate (and training).
  • Founders who want to bring in PM thought process early on in the company.


Product Management Course Fee?

The course is priced at Rs. 1 lakh (+ tax), but the first batch straight away gets 50% discount – i.e. Rs. 50,000 (+ tax), i.e. Rs 59,000/. Once you make the payment, we will connect with you to understand your expectations from the course.

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