Blockchain course for Managers and Business Executives.

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About This Course

Blockchain has revolutionised the concept of digital currency as well as the way businesses transact and share information.

It is the foundation of Web 3.0 and this course will help you understand the Blockchain technology and give you an overview on how it works.

By the end of this course, you will be able to explain Blockchain to your colleagues and better comprehend the positive impact of Blockchain on your business.

Plus, you will become sufficiently accomplished and achieve proficiency to devise solutions of your own.

Learning Objectives

Blockchain is too important to be ignored and whether you are a manager or a business leader, this course will bring you upto speed with your industry peers (especially the developers) and help you take key decisions on Blockchain and related components.


  • No need for tech or coding knowledge.

Target Audience

  • Business managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Marketers
  • Analysts
  • Product Managers
  • Leaders
  • CXOs
  • Investors


131 Lessons2h

What is Blockchain?

Blocks on a Train or Blockchain?
Adam’s business team is organizing a product launch. 
What is a blockchain?
In collective control we trust. 🤝
Insights by Ginni Rometty
And that’s how I was born
Branches and nodes. 🌳
Which one of the following predecessors of blockchain prevents denial-of-service attacks?
The Genesis block. 🟦
Insights by Tom Golway
Mind your Language
Digital bucks. 💻💰
Bitcoin rivals. 🤼‍♂️
Digital fingerprint. 👍🏼
Insights by Jean-Philippe Courtois
The Wheels on the Train
A blockchain is a ledger that stores data.
Insights by Satoshi Nakamoto
Draft Lesson

Components of Blockchain

Deep Dive: Bitcoin

Deep Dive: Ethereum

Blockchain for your business?

What problems do blockchains solve?

Looking Ahead



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