Conflict Management in Workplace

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In any team or organization, the presence of diverse thoughts and passions is inevitable. But what if, instead of seeing conflict as a negative force, we see it as an opportunity? An opportunity to grow, understand, and unite in a shared vision. Conflicts, after all, aren’t just about clashing ideas; they’re about people seeking to be heard and valued.

This course will not just teach you to manage or suppress conflicts. Instead, it’ll guide you to embrace and navigate them, understanding that at the core of every disagreement is a chance to build stronger relationships and cultivate a culture of mutual respect.

Remember: Leaders don’t shy away from conflict. They lead through it, with empathy and vision. Let’s start the journey of turning workplace challenges into collaborative triumphs.


78 Lessons

Understanding Conflict

What is Conflict?
Insights by Max Lucado
The Ugly Result
Insights by Dorothy Thompson
From a company’s reputation to its growth
Use Conflict as a Catalyst
After the labor unrest in Maruti
Does conflict have only a negative impact on an organization?
Sources of Conflict
This causes conflict between Tia and her team due to apathetic and negative authority relationships.😔
When an employee fails to repeatedly achieve sales targets due to bottlenecks in the inventory distribution, what kind of conflict arises?

Intrapersonal Conflict

Interpersonal Conflict

Interdepartmental Conflict

Building Strategies From Skills

Conflict Management: Organizational Perspective

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