Introducing: Product Management Course #FirstBatch

For India to be the next big superpower, we don’t just need great startups, but we need great product leaders to drive the change.

In its current state, India has produced very few product leaders – largely because somewhere we tend to ‘jugaadofy’ the product process.

Somewhere, we just don’t take the product management function very seriously.¬†And most importantly, we have not yet focused on creating a fresh breed of product managers.

With global players launching their products for the Indian market, the bar for product management is much much higher than what it was 2 years back.

At NextBigWhat, we aim to bring about the much needed product revolution. We present to you, the first batch of Product Management Course which has been developed in consultation with many entrepreneurs and product leaders.

Product Management Course: Instructors for the first batch.
Product Management Course: Instructors for the first batch.

This is 6 weeks course and the first batch goes live on Feb, 2018. The first batch is classroom based (more details here).

Couple of important points.

  • We are straightaway offering 50% discount for the first batch.
  • First batch starts Feb, 2018 (location: HSR Layout, Bangalore)
  • The first batch will have 15 participants.
  • We are partnering with several product companies who are hiring product managers. So if you want to move into a full-fledged PM role after the course, we have the solution for you.
  • This is the most comprehensive and practical course on product management. Period.

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